Station 11

The subway car rattles and sways. It is nearly empty now. A handful of people are scattered along the benches and a disturbed silence looms. A haunted look is in every eye. Each is trying to forget the last station, trying to forget the mob scene.

A few seats down, a whispered voice cracks into the rhythm of the rails.

I'm sorry.

The man's head was low but was peering across the way. His eyes were level at a companion sitting opposite of him. Her arms were crossed.

I have done a lot of terrible things. I was only thinking about myself and I hurt you. Those mistakes are going to plague me the rest of my life. But I'm sorry.

Her demeanor softened ever so slightly. The train began to decelerate as it pulled into the station.

Please forgive me.

Every ear was now turned toward the conversation. The only sound was the whoosh of the opening doors. The man's companion rose and walked across the divide. She stood there for what seemed like ten minutes. Finally, she reached her hand down and finally spoke.

Let's go home.

He took her hand and they left the car. The car began to fill up again and the doors closed. And there was the blur and the darkness.

Station 12

Station 10