A World of Hurt

Liam’s early morning feeding today was at a time in which it was too late for me to go back to bed and yet not early enough for me to really do anything before Jim woke up. So after EA nursed Liam and went back to sleep, I held him while watching the morning news.

A fertilizer plant explosion devastated the community of West, Texas; injuring well over a hundred and killing a presently unknown number.

The city of Boston is still recovering from Monday’s terror attack and searching for those responsible.

Yesterday’s vote on expanded background checks on gun purchases naturally raised the memory of the December tragedy in Newtown.

It was a tough morning to watch the news. The more troubling thing is that this is not a uniquely tough morning in the world. That is not to minimize the hurt in the new stories that I saw this morning. That is something that I think I have been carrying around with me today and it is not a good load to carry.

And so let us pray for West, Boston, and Newtown, but let us also pray for the tragedies great and small that don’t fill up our feeds on Twitter or get the 24-7 news coverage.

For people in Syria, Afghanistan, and other war torn areas for whom what we saw in Boston on Monday is a regular way of life.

For those killed, whether by gun violence, automobile accidents, cancer, disease, or whatever else, and the grieving loved ones left behind.

For the tragedies caused by natural disasters that take lives, homes, and a sense of safety.

For men, women, and children living in poverty on the other side of the world and down the street.

For humans that have to live under the shadow of hate.

Let us pray. And may God show us other ways in which we can be a small remedies of healing in a world of hurt.

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