Furman vs. Central Florida

The Game: Furman at Central Florida

Last Week: After keeping things within striking distance in the first half, the Fighting Football Paladins let things get away from them in a 42-3 loss to Virginia Tech.  

Are We Any Good? Reply hazy. Try again.

Opposing Team's Mascot: The Knights, which gives a matchup with the Paladins a nice unifying medieval theme. But what I really want to talk about is their mascot history, because buried underneath former monikers (Golden Knights, Knights of Pegasus) is a mascot of utmost ridiculousness and, therefore, utmost awesomeness. Back when UCF was first founded, when it was still known as Florida Technical University, the school's unofficial mascot was the Citronauts. "What is a Citronaut?" you might ask. It is an anthropomorphic orange that is also an astronaut. You can see him here.

Why, UCF, is this not your mascot? There are over 30 four year colleges with the nickname "Knights." There is no identity or branding opportunity in a name you share with that many other schools. But an astronaut who is also an orange? Everyone would know who your mascot was. It would be a merchandising bonanza. He would be in every single SportsCenter commercial. Why are you sitting on this? I'll make a deal with you, UCF: Resurrect the Citronaut and you will become like my 4th favorite college team, which is a huge jump from the purgatory of "I don't care" in which you exist with the exception of this Saturday (because this Saturday, I do not like you at all).

Suggested Hashtag: #knightfall #notthe90sbatmanstoryline

Et cetera: Protect Reese Hannon. The Paladin QB was running for his life against VA Tech last week. If Furman wants to have a prayer against their second consecutive FBS opponent and wants to have him intact for the conference slate, the offensive line needs to buy him some more time in the backfield. It would be nice if we could go through a season in which we do not have a major injury befall our quarterback. Save the Hannon.

Anything else? Go Paladins!

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