Furman vs. Samford

This week is going to be quick. I've got a race in the morning.

The Game: Furman at Samford

Last Week: The Fighting Football Paladins dropped their Homecoming matchup with The Citadel 38-17; effectively ending their playoff hopes.

Are We Any Good? Nope, not presently. 

Opposing Team's Mascot: The Bulldogs. Again. Folks, we are in mascot purgatory. Their costumed bulldog is named Spike and so...

Suggested Hashtag: #SpookSpike

It was either that or #ItsTheGreatPummelinCharlieBrown, which I'm still kind of partial to.

Et cetera: Though the playoffs are likely out of reach, Furman still has much to play for. A winning record is still on the table and would do much to keep the seat of the coaching staff from getting warm. Samford is in a bit of a free fall right now too. Hopefully the Paladins can right the ship. We'll find out.

Anything else? Go Paladins!

Let the Saints Free

Standing on the Overpass Screaming