Monday Question: Desert Island TV Shows

You are lost at sea; the victim of an innocent paddleboat trip gone horribly awry. As day turns to night, you fear for your safety. Unsure that you can survive in the open water overnight, you pedal furiously hoping to find any place to land. Just before the sun dips below the horizon, you see it: an isolated island.

As your feet become a whirling dervish, you notice a faint light on the island. Upon arriving, you discover the light belongs to a lone house on the island. The house is in terrific shape. On the front door is a note: "Just in case you get stranded on this deserted island because of a freak paddle boating incident or something, come on in. There's plenty of food in the fridge. Enjoy your stay!"

You walk into the cozy interior. You don't know how long you'll be here, but this is a good place to be. You wonder how you'll pass the time. Then you see it: a TV and a DVD player across the room. You smile. The only things in your backpack are three complete television series on DVD. And your friends made fun of you for lugging those around everywhere you went. Well, who's laughing now?

So in my opinion, you need a good solid variety: a sitcom, a good drama, and something that bridges that gap. My favorite sitcom of all time is Sports Night, but it only lasted two seasons which puts me in a quandary. You want a long-running series if you're stranded for an unknown amount of time. So let's go with Parks and Recreation. Actually, you know what? This is my game. I'm going to sub Sports Night in for the first two seasons of Parks and Rec. That way we start with the latter on Season 3 when Adam Scott and Rob Lowe joined the cast as regulars and the show jumped to the next level.

My drama is Lost which seems like a poor idea to watch on a deserted island. The adventures of the Oceanic 815 survivors is likely a ripe way to stoke paranoia at every strange sound you hear in the jungle, but I'll risk it. Finally, you just need a fun show to take your mind of your strandedness: Chuck fits that mold perfectly. There's fun, action, adventure, spies, romance, comedy. Plus it's a hour long show and lasted five seasons.

So this week's question: If you were stranded on a deserted island but could somehow watch a collection of 3 complete TV series there, what 3 shows would you bring? Share your story down in the comments below and feel free to interact with each other.

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